They are actually lonely children

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​Imagine They are Lonely Children introduces the neural rhythm inherent in the science and practice of Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT), demanding a shift in the field of rehabilitation long dominated by applied behavioral analysis. John Hartman alters the therapeutic paradigm as he skillfully weaves together the clinical lives of children facing profound motor, linguistic and cognitive disabilities. Tracing these children’s achievements illuminates the significance of brain plasticity through NMT’s neurorehabilitation, switching the emphasis from behavior change to restoring neurological function. Imagine They are Lonely Children directs the readers’ attention to the structural elements of movement and music working in concert to initiate and retrain motor control, language, and executive function among individuals thought unresponsive and irreparable. John Hartman conducts a compelling conversation modulating a change in how disability is defined, perceived, and most importantly treated.   ​

Dr. Leanne Olsen

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